sobota, 14 maja 2011

Sell your mistake


2) Welcome to London - capital of capitalism:
In any case, profit is what is received by virtue of control of the tools of production, by the capitalists – those who provide the capital. Wages are received by those who sell their labor with those tools, i.e. the workers.

3) I have already refused two internship "offers":

4) I do regret, what if whatif:

  • "people who are going to work there are so lucky"
  • "i’de love to come and work as the dust cleaner of Si’s equipment"

5) Last but not least, last but foremost:

Job offer: £100 per day
Hire me while stock last!
+44 (0) 758 629 4279

PS. @humans_atwork #sellyourmistakes